Influence to Equity hosted by Sara Lovestyle is a video podcast that invites the audience to follow their dreams and aspirations by sharing stories from celebrities, influencers, and influential members of our society about how they turned their goals into long-term success.



Sara Lovestyle was born in a refugee camp in the Sudan after her parents escaped a civil war in their homeland of Ethiopia. Being exposed to such conditions inspired her to want more from life. She got it.

She’s now a Lifestyle Influencer, Entrepreneur and Social Media Expert that inspires people to find their power at the intersection of health, beauty and entertainment. Sara is a tech investor with Broad Street Ventures, a correspondent for Revolt TV, and CEO of her own media company, Sara Belay Inc.

Sara’s natural curiosity, dynamic style, and love of life despite all of the hardship allow for an emotional, entertaining, and inspiring journey throughout each episode. By putting it all on the line, her interviews cut to the heart of the guests, and moreover, the listeners.

Launching in early January, Influence to Equity is offering a limited amount of partnership opportunities for brands and networks who share our ideals and intentions.

We’ll launch with a 12-episode first season in early 2023.